What typically happens in an Alien Abduction? 

The issue of alien abduction can be very complicated as it is very hard to prove whether a person was abducted or not. However, through various accounts from the abductees, issues such as the primary forms of the extraterrestrials have been formulated hence strengthening the possibility that alien abductions are real.

As we all know proving whether a person was snatched by a foreigner or not is a difficult task to carry out. Nevertheless, there are several stories retelling how a person has experienced an alien abduction and it is thanks to these stories that scientists now have a basic idea of what aliens look like. Moreover, those stories also serve as proof that the abductions are true.

According to one of the many different reports available on the Internet, there are three kinds of aliens that abductees have been able to distinguish. Among them, we find the Nordics, the Reptilians, and the Grays. All of these labels were given to aliens so as to aid people who experienced abduction in depicting the event and also to help other people understand the facts in a better way.

From the visitations, three main types of these beings have been identified as the Nordics, Reptilians, and the Grays. These names have been developed over time as a way to help the victims describe their experiences better and for the public to gain some understanding.

Each of the different groups has characteristics that differentiate them from the others. The Nordics are similar to humans because their hair is fair and their eyes are blue and could easily be taken as a person from far away. They get this name because Nordic people have those physical features. They are observed in some countries of Europe.

The Reptilians have a more alarming aspect because they are similar to reptiles. According to people who have seen this alien, they are not friendly at all, and they tend to be aggressive and use beastly force when handling abductees.

The grays, on the other hand, are the most common. They are gray-skinned hence their name with wrinkled forms. In fact, this is the image that appears in most films. They have bulging heads and bulbous eyes without eyelids. When they capture someone, they perform experiments on him or her on their crafts. They also appear to have social hierarchy since each performs different tasks on their crafts.

Most of those who have claimed to be taken captive have been proved to be mentally stable with no delusions or even a high tendency of telling lies. Although there no clear reason could be given for the visitations, it has been proved that the extraterrestrials prefer younger people below forty years and even children in some cases.

According to people who have been snatched, they had to stand different tests in the craft. They also state to have lost the idea of time and that when they were returned to their place they had a feeling of not having lived for some time.

From the vivid descriptions and the fact that it is very hard for someone to provide evidence that there are no extraterrestrials, one can, therefore, say that alien abduction is real. However, the fear created violates various tenets held by the society. This fear of what we know nothing about can lead to the dismissal of those claims prematurely.

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