Shocking Proofs Of Aliens in Rhode Island? 

Aliens or the fictional endoparasitoid & extraterrestrial species have always fascinated the human mind. The proof of the existence of these extraterrestrial species is a highly controversial topic. The groups of researchers, independent agencies, executives branches of several countries have tried to establish sound evidence of aliens. Many says it's obvious about their existence, while others scoff the  idea. But with the numbers of increasingly bizarre reportings from various credible sources and the basic mathematical probability suggests the likelihood of alien life is greater than many are comfortable with believing. Whatever your opinion is, these five recent incredible encounters of seem to make it highly likely that there are aliens among us in Rhode Island.

Proof 1 : Location - Auckland, New Zealand, Date - 2nd Aug 2016

A video had been reported which captured a dark disk that was moving from cloud to cloud. The video had been taken during the sunsets in the city of Auckland, New Zealand. The video is well available over the internet. If you watch this video, you'll surely find another shocking proof of UFO and aliens.

Proof 2 : Location - Coahuila, Mexico, Date - 15th July 2016

This is another interesting proof that features the existence of so-called aliens. Here, a dark UFO was found which was moving across an overcast sky. The UFO was having a barrel shape with a thin dome over the top of it. Mexico city is quite famous for its frequent UFO and alien sightings. The geographical location Mexico has been so close to the oceans where the underwater bases have existed for several thousands of years; well, that can be the potential reasons for various alien's existence in this city.

Proof 3 : Location - Peekskill, New York, Date - 31st July 2016

There's another recent proof of aliens. This unexpected incident took place in the neighborhood of Peekskill, New York. A video footage shows a pair of rare UFOs. Even, the UFOs have a wingman. Both was flying silently over each other with the same speed. This shocking video featuring the Alien's presence is available on the YouTube.

Proof 4 : Location - Rhode Island, Date - August 2016

Recently a strange light had hovered over the Rhode Island. A surveillance footage recorded this mysterious object, hovering over this eminent landmark. Soon, the five-minute video footage got viral and it eventually became a hot topic of debate over the internet & social media. Moreover, this is not the first time that these types of mysterious incidents are spotted out in this locality. If you're a local resident to this area, you must be well aware of this fact. For others, why don't you take a look at this video to judge the authenticity of this proof?

Proof 5 : Location - Mexico City, Mexico, Date - 5th August 2016

This particular incident took place in the Mexico city on last week. Mexico city has always been twisted with some miserable and unexplained truth of Alien's existence. This incident is surely another addition to the list. Here, a triangular shaped UFO has been caught by an individual reporter. The strange object was hiding under the deep clouds. It was moving with a huge velocity. Moreover, a bizarre kind of unconventional green light glow was associated all around of it.

Last Updated 1/24/2017

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