Although it came into existence before 1950s, the topic of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have hit the world so hard that it is one of the major concerns today. However, not everyone believes that UFO's are real. Non-believers have concrete evidence to support their stand against UFOs while believers have certain things to cling unto as far as the existence of UFO's is concerned. Here is evidence both for and against UFO’s being real.

Reasons UFOs are real

The documented UFO sightings

The first instance of UFO sighting in America was in 1639 when John Winthrop, Massachusetts colony governor, wrote in his journal that James Everell, “a sober and discreet man” and 2 other witnesses saw a luminous unidentified object flying up and down the Muddy River beside Charlestown for 2 to 3 hours. Also, there have been documented UFO sightings of what were then referred to as “airships” in the 1800s. These sightings include a ball surrounded by a ring (a Saturn-shaped UFO) in July 1884 in Norwood, NY and a superfast moving spacecraft that briefly hovered around the startled people living at Everest, KS in 1897.

Possible physical instances of encounters with UFO’s

A 1968 report, released by the University of Colorado, documented a number of evidence of areas where grass, soil, and other vegetation had been claimed by witnesses to have been broken off, blown away, flattened or burned by an alien spacecraft. Ideally, a report by Peter Sturrock, Stanford University astrophysicist who led a scientific study of physical evidence of unidentified flying object in the late 1990s, describes plant samples taken from a purported landing site of a UFO in France in 1981. In that report, French researchers noticed that the leaves of most vegetation had undergone peculiar chemical changes believed to have been caused by powerful microwave radiation.

Reasons UFOs are not real

There are no secrets

Some researchers claim UFOs exist and that they have been kept hidden by governments. This is illogical because first, our leaders would never do such a thing. At the end of the day, they want everyone to stay safe. Second, governments are lousy at keeping secrets, and this can be seen in various dealings. And finally, the media cannot be involved in cover-ups, especially when it comes to something of this magnitude. Journalists will do anything they can just to get a scoop of this fascinating information. The fact that the cover-up has been ongoing flawlessly for generations is also unrealistic.

No UFOs in Space System

Although earthlings have littered the space system with tons of space junk, not a single person has ever come forward with anything that everyone can agree had to have been left behind by one of these “weird” visitors from other planets. The fact that scientists assume this civilization is way ahead of us means they are more advanced than we are. We, therefore, expect to see their “satellites” and the likes in the space system.


While some people may believe that UFOs are real, others may not. And this is totally normal, especially in this century where everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Nevertheless, believing is not a relevant concept when it comes to the topic of UFOs. That is to say, the topic of UFOs is scientific rather than philosophical. And whatever path you choose, it should be supported with concrete scientific or physical evidence.


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