Thinking about life in outer space can be a bit overwhelming ...right?

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Are aliens real?

Perhaps there is none more solid proof to people’s fascination with outer space than UFO sightings. If you are like most of us, who swear that we have seen something in the skies, then you are probably concerned with whether there is, in fact, alien life out there. The local news station may dismiss these sightings are merely weather balloons or something of the sort, but you always get the feeling that “something” is watching us from afar.

And there have been several sightings all over the world, lending credence to theories that there could be intelligent life out there. It’s such a ubiquitous topic that it’s so deeply entrenched into our culture and psyche: in films, television shows, literature, art.

But is there alien life out there? How do we know that we are the only beings in this galaxy? We don't know. Have you ever wondered what their space ships would look like, for example?  These are questions that we want to find answers to, especially as we continue to deplete our earthly resources at a rapid rate. Prospects of life in outer space could give us hope as to our future habitat. That said, how can we prepare ourselves for the possibility of alien life, and if so, what should we expect from them?


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Is there alien life out there?

Before we answer that question, it’s important to remember common sense: the one thing we can always rely on. Common sense is how we navigate through scams and deception to find the truth. And we can apply the same logic in determining whether there are, indeed, UFOs.


UFO sightings

Currently, there have been reported cases of UFO sightings to nearly 1 million cases. Thousands of these sightings come from even the most reputable positions in society: from naval officers to air force and commercial pilots, doctors, and pastors.

In other countries other than the United States, they have posted officially documented sightings by their own military officials. Believe it or not, even Christopher Columbus and his crew saw a luminous UFO on the Atlantic Ocean, which came from the water and hovered above the ocean. This report is in his official log and can be easily found with a Google search.

Here's an infographic detailing UFO sightings in different states:




We have hundreds of pictures and videos; hundreds of mass sightings where groups of people see the same thing at the same time. We have hundreds of cases where people testify that they had some type of personal interaction or abduction experience with aliens. I have personally seen a UFO sighting, and chances are now that either you or one of your close friends has done so as well.

On another note, there are trillions and trillions of suns across the Milky Way alone, each one of which could have an Earth-type planet that is just as capable of hosting life forms. Beyond our solar systems, there are even perhaps trillions of other galaxies each with trillions of suns.


Crop circles

We also have the phenomenon of crop circles, which are patterns formed over crop formations and appear almost immediately overnight. Over the last 20 years, there have been nearly 4000 crop circles documented, and no one has even been caught in action.

There are, however, videos that record just above the fields and captured white dancing orbs of light seconds before a crop circle appeared. Over the last 20 years, the geometrical designs of the circles have become more and more complex. Some are so large and intricate that two men and a board could not even accomplish that feat with unlimited time.

Given all these circumstances, it’s highly plausible that there are aliens in the outer galaxy among us.

Hundreds of years ago, when leading scientists and adventurous sailors began to understand that the earth was indeed a round orb and not flat--well, there must have been debates ongoing at that time. With the combined forces of scientists and their mathematical formulas and astronomical models, and sailors with their thousand-mile voyages, the notion that the earth was round eventually prevailed.

In the same vein, we find ourselves confronted with the same dilemma as we ask ourselves whether aliens are real. Fortunately for us, it’s something that the United States government itself knows all too well.


What do UFOs look like? 

The interesting thing about UFOs is that the first original sightings (of the time we first tested hydrogen bombs), the UFO's were all metallic looking, usually saucer-shaped. Even as they defied the laws of physics with the way the maneuvered around the air space, they still looked like physical objects, made out of physical matter.

About 15 years ago, sightings of UFOs revealed a new type of craft, which is what is reported now. These new crafts are light, in different colors, shapes and usually blink in random or rhythmic patterns. These luminous crafts also defy the laws of physics as they dart about and even disappear at will.

There are also black, triangle-shaped, plastic- or metallic-looking crafts reported in the last 10 years, and it is the belief of some that these specific crafts are our own (i.e., the US government). It is speculated that these were created by reverse engineering of crashed and recovered UFOs of the ‘50s.

It is speculated that the newer type of crafts which seem to be made of light, could be a different race of aliens that are interdimensional and have mastered the manipulation of physical mass and which allows them to travel through dimensions using technology and principles that are yet unheard of.

As the rate of sightings increased, and the rate and complexity of crop circles escalated, it is speculated that "they" are near to coming out of the closet and making themselves known on an official basis, regardless of what our government wants them to do.


What we may come to learn about aliens

My own personal opinion should this happen is that we will learn that everything we were conditioned to believe about aliens through Hollywood and disinformation campaigns, is simply not accurate. We’ll learn to realize that these other outer planetary cosmonauts are here to enlighten us on better ways of doing what we do.

I think they have been watching us for a long time and want to make contact with us. A civilization so advanced as they must be ought to be a progressive culture that would seek to elevate others. I feel that when a society reaches this level of advancement, empathy and wisdom would have to be inherently present, for they would have blown themselves up long ago if this were not the case.

And for your information, the Mayan calendar never said 2012 would be the end of the world. It never did! It only says there will be a transformation from the fourth world to the fifth world. This could mean a massive transformation that would completely change everything. Personally, I think that's a good thing.


Should UFOs be feared?

Stephen Hawking, the noted physicist, has expressed a deep personal fear of aliens, so much so that he hinted that we should stop looking for them, stop sending out signals to keep our existence a secret, lest the aliens discover us and come here to wipe us out. This article will discuss whether this viewpoint has any merit.

The North American Indians, the South American Indians, the Africans and others, all had something very real to fear when the Europeans came to their land, so it is understandable that Earthlings, like Hawking, might fear aliens coming to this planet. This fear stems mainly from superimposing human mentality on the aliens, not to mention watching too many Star Trek and Star War movies. Needless to say, it is pretty much mandatory for Hollywood to turn aliens into man-eating predators for purely business reasons: carnivorous aliens sell more theater tickets than benevolent aliens.

There is, however, a noticeable distinction between Europe and the other continents on the one hand, and between an alien planet and Earth on the other. The distinction is distance. To reach the other continents, the Europeans only needed some relatively primitive sailboats. But for the aliens to reach Earth, dozens or hundreds of light years away, they would need quite sophisticated spacecraft. The critical question, therefore, is: Can a barbarous civilization develop higher technology?

Human history does not support the notion that it is possible for barbarians to achieve higher technology. The two most barbarous epochs in human history were:

  • The tens of thousands of years preceding the dawn of civilization, and
  • The thousand-year period following the fall of the Roman empire.

In both epochs, technological progress was virtually nil. Only when human civilization became less barbarous, with the demise of rule by hereditary delinquents known as royalty, with the demise of slavery, with the spread of education to the masses, and so forth, did we begin to see technological progress.

For sure, there may be complete degenerates out in space but they should be nothing to fear because it is unlikely that they will ever be able to leave their own planet, let alone survive the nuclear weapons stage if they ever get that far. Technological barbarians, like the Klingons of Star Trek, may only exist in Hollywood and nowhere else. Now another question arises: Are friendly aliens something to fear?


Can the discovery of alien life upend human life? 

Some have suggested that contact with aliens would cause a dramatic upheaval in human society. My opinion on this is: Not really. Perhaps decades ago there would have been some commotion but not today. More than sixty years of ancient astronaut and UFO propaganda has desensitized the world so much that alien contact may turn out to be just another news event. As for the "upheaval," I can think of three things that might happen:

1) The armaments industry could be affected. In the knowledge that advanced alien civilizations exist, it is likely that humans will want to bind together as a species and will stop killing each other. Indeed, it seems virtually certain that wars between humans will come to an end, and the countries of the Middle East will finally make peace. Jobs in the armaments industry would have to be transferred to infrastructure, space exploration, and consumer-related industries.

2) Social structures could be affected. Disparities between the developed world and the Third World may start to melt away along with other inequities in human society. We will likely see higher taxes on the rich and more attention to education, technological development, and the colonization of outer space.

3) Organized religions could be affected. Fundamentalist concepts like creation are likely to be pushed into the background, but overall, religions may continue to proliferate as a mechanism for consolation and moral guidance.

Hawking acknowledges that aliens may have an extremely advanced technology. The major flaw in his thinking is not realizing that such technology can be used to find ways of self-sustenance, not including the barbaric plundering of inhabited planets. The possibility that SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) will eventually pick up an alien signal is nothing to fear and, to the contrary, may even be something to welcome.



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