Alien Invasion Survival Kit 

I think we are all in agreement by this point that it is not a matter of if but when Aliens visit our earth. With that being said we really don't have any idea if they are going to come as friend or foe. If they come and are friendly then we have nothing to worry about.... but are you willing to take that risk ? I know that we here at aren't. So we have compiled a list of Items and skills that we think may come in handy when the Alien invasion occurs. 


First lets go over the basics of what we would need to survive. There are three things that we typically take for granted that when the alien invasion occurs might not be so readily available. Those things are Shelter, Security, Nutrition. 



Who knows how long the invasion will last and how long you will need to depend on your own food rations. What you need to be able to do is survive like they did in the olden days where they didn't have luxuries like running water, electricity, grocery stores, and fast food. 



How to make your own sustainable nutrition source > 


Security : 

Now we aren't going to make recommendations on how you should have an arsenal at your displosal because again we don't know if the aliens will be friend or foe ... but with that being said there are a couple items that you can get for free that you can keep on you at all times that will help you to stay safe if you find yourself face to face with an alien who isn't of the friendly kind. 


Free Discreet Credit Card Knife



Free Tactical Flashlight




If you have the ability to have a home in a secluded area that you can flee to then great... but that isn't a reality for most of us. In order to ensure that you have a place of refuge inside your home you have a few different options. Now we can't gaurantee these will withstand whatever type of alien weaponry may be used against them ... but hey its a good first step. 


Swisher SR84X054G ESP Safety Residential Shelter with Capacity Up to 9 Person, 84" L x 54" W x 80" H, Gray

SafRoom SR66 Tornado Shelter, 12-Person Occupancy, 36 sq. ft.









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