When considering the history of Grey Aliens one cannot trace their roots without looking into Reptilian Aliens, since both of them have their origin from the star Alpha Draconis. The former have been associated with close encounter, mythical stories, abductions as well as UFO sightings.

Grey Aliens came into existence as a result of a plan by Reptilians to perfect various biological technologies. This gave rise to changes in the physical bodies of Reptilians over time, which forced their existence to be in different planes. Gradually, negative energy became their form of nutrition and this meant that the new form was feeding on positive forms of energy.

This is exactly what Grey Aliens are and that is how they finally came into existence. Since the population of Reptilians had grown beyond manageable numbers, the plan initially had been to come up with aliens that were capable of supplying negative energy that the Reptilians needed to feed on to survive.

However, what seemed to be what would benefit the Reptilians race turned out fatal and it had never been imagined that by the creation of another race; the Grey Aliens, would result in rebellion. The latter made war against the Reptilians since the race had gotten to the point where it was capable of overpowering their creators.

As a result, the plan to ensure the advancement of the Reptilians through the new creation was thwarted and thereafter, the Grey Aliens found their way into the outer galaxy. Their influence was soon curtailed as soon as they landed on planet earth, when they found out that they were not strong enough to displace the armies they found here.

In an effort to feed negative energy, these aliens embarked on using humans on the earth to achieve this. The first team to access planet earth decided to bring in the whole race of Grey Aliens together with star ships. Unfortunately, as the other team came in, Arcturian Starship Athena was in the waiting and only a few of them survived this.

The only option left was to form an agreement with the authorities on the earth that would allow the aliens to perform some experiments that would give rice to a race of human slaves for the aliens. Grey Aliens had another challenge to contend with; that of degeneration of their bodies.

This is driven by the fact that they are cloned aliens and they are in danger of complete extinction if action is not taken soon enough. Therefore, the Grey Alien Human Hybrid Integration Program was viewed as the probable solution to this challenge and is expected to give them new bodies to help them overcome the fear of becoming extinct. They are situated beyond our solar system and survival for them is paramount as they seek for the opportune time to strike the earth.

Overcoming the Reptilians may have been considered the greatest challenge that these aliens had to prevail against but the risk they got exposed to after this became greater than what they had handled.


Last Updated 3/16/2017

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