May 29, 2017

Are Aliens Real

Thinking about life in outer space can be a bit overwhelming ...right?


March 29, 2017

Does having a home alarm system help against an alien attack

An alarm system is definitely a must-install in every home. This is the best protection against burglars and intruders, even aliens. However, not all alarm systems are equal in protective features. You can have one that provides 24/7 protection or you can have one with CCTV camera. You can also choose one that provides centralized monitoring.The science and technology has increased the development of the people's life. People lead a peaceful life with the development of the science and technology. The people remain secure with the development of technology. There has been great demand for security from people in the past days. The main reason for this is the increase in the awareness of the importance of life which is why the security syste...


January 28, 2017

Alien Invasion Survival Kit

I think we are all in agreement by this point that it is not a matter of if but when Aliens visit our earth. With that being said we really don't have any idea if they are going to come as friend or foe. If they come and are friendly then we have nothing to worry about.... but are you willing to take that risk ? I know that we here at aren't. So we have compiled a list of Items and skills that we think may come in handy when the Alien invasion occurs. 


August 7, 2016

Have I Ever had An Alien Encounter

Have I ever had an alien encounter ?That is something many people often ponder, but discard it as soon as the thought enters their mind. Most people either think it is too absurd or they don't want to spend the time and energy researching to see if there is some validity to their thoughts. Often times their assumption of what others might think of them should an encounter become known, or even their own misconceptions of reality keeps one from researching further.


August 7, 2016

What typically happens in an alien abduction

The issue of alien abduction can be very complicated as it is very hard to prove whether a person was abducted or not. However, through various accounts from the abductees, issues such as the primary forms of the extraterrestrials have been formulated hence strengthening the possibility that alien abductions are real.As we all know proving whether a person was snatched by a foreigner or not is a difficult task to carry out. Nevertheless, there are several stories retelling how a person has experienced an alien abduction and it is thanks to these stories that scientists now have a basic idea of what aliens look like. Moreover, those stories also serve as proof that the abductions are true.According to one of the many different reports availa...


July 25, 2016

Are Ufo's Real?

Although it came into existence before 1950s, the topic of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have hit the world so hard that it is one of the major concerns today. However, not everyone believes that UFO's are real. Non-believers have concrete evidence to support their stand against UFOs while believers have certain things to cling unto as far as the existence of UFO's is concerned. Here is evidence both for and against UFO’s being real.

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