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AlienExperts.com was an idea we had a in 2015. We wanted to reate a hub for information around the subject of Alien Abductions, Sightings, and Encounters. As well as information on UFO Sightings. This is a subject where people are pretty passionate about their beliefs no matter what side of the argument they stand on. We thought that we could take our backgound (software engineering), and apply some of that to trying to scour the interwebs to find everything we could about Aliens and UFO's. We are constantly adding new content and new functionality to the site so if you find a bug or really like something on the site please reach out to us on social media. 


Dev Team : 

Were a couple of C#.net devs based out of Southern California. We spend our days in the sun and our nights writing code for AlienExperts.com. Sometimes when it gets too late and you have been coding for 12 hours straight you end up doing somethin glike this...




We hope you enjoy our site .... Live Long and Prosper  ! 


            AlienExperts.com Team 



Jon Terragaurd

Jon is an Alien enthusiast and an avid reader of all things pertaining to the paranormal. He lives in Nevada but he calls Zeta Reticuli his true home.

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At AlienExperts.com we try and give you the most up to date information and news on Alien Sightings, Encounters, and Discoveries that are available from around the world.

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