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Just as you are we are enthrawled with the idea of extra terrestrail life. We want this site to be an informational hub of all things to do with Alien sightings, abductions, theories, and stories. There is life out there. We just need to find it ! 


 Alien Experts

We scour the interwebs to try and find information on Alien and UFO sightings,  abducitions, and just great stories. We hope that you enjoy the content we provide and can use this site as a referrence for all your alien and ufo questions.  


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We hope that you enjoy the content we publish and are always open to hearing from our visitors. If you have suggestions on an article topic that we shouold write or have information on a sighting or abduction please reach out to us on social media and we will do our best to  help spread the word !  

Are we alone?

Find the answer from experts within our solar system.

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At we try and give you the most up to date information and news on Alien Sightings, Encounters, and Discoveries that are available from around the world.

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